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Forging Relationships to Make Farm-to-Table Possible

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Forging Relationships to Make Farm-to-Table Possible


Downtown Amherst is one of New England’s most unique and exciting places to visit. Many travelers, foodies, and locals alike highly praise the city’s vibrant farm-to-table food culture. The result is an underrated food haven where farm-to-table is taken literally. Centrally located in downtown Amherst, 30Boltwood’s enticing menu places a large emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine prepared with the freshest, highest quality ingredients made available to them on any given day through their local farming community. 30Boltwood chefs regularly visit local farms to craft their menus from what’s in-season.

From the beginning, 30Boltwood’s commitment to supporting local community has provided us the great fortune of not only being able to capitalize on the high quality of products that surround us, it has also allowed us to forge many great relationships with the remarkable farmers who put forth so much hard work and love into each and every harvest.

We will forever remain dedicated to sourcing and supporting local farmers and purveyors, as well as sourcing animals that are raised humanely and ethically. 30Boltwood would like to thank those who work every day and share in our commitment to provide our guests with the very best culinary experience:

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