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As part of Amherst and its surrounding communities, 30Boltwood has the distinct advantage of being able to provide each of our guests with the freshest, highest quality ingredients made available to us on any given day through our local farming community. From the beginning, our commitment to supporting local has provided us the great fortune of not only being able to capitalize on the high quality of products that surround us, it has also allowed us to forge many great relationships with the remarkable farmers who put forth so much hard work and love into each and every harvest.

Chef John Piskor and his team, in turn, pay their respects to these individuals through a very simple approach to each plate; get out of the way and allow the ingredients to be the star through careful preparation and presentation.

We will forever remain dedicated to sourcing and supporting local farmers and purveyors as well as sourcing animals that are raised humanely and ethically. 30Boltwood would like to pay tribute and thank those tireless and dedicated individuals who assist us every day in our commitment while at the same time allowing us to provide our guest the very best culinary experience.


BerkShore personally curates a daily selection of native, seasonal, sustainable, and premium seafood based on freshness, harvest method, and harvest location. Close to 100% of their products are caught one day prior to delivery, and all of their fin-fish is filleted hours before delivering to Inn on Boltwood.

Old Friends Farm

Old Friends Farm is a 21 acre Certified Organic and Certified Naturally Grown Farm in Amherst, Massachusetts. They are passionate and dedicated to sustainable agriculture and are Certified Organic by Baystate Organic Certifiers and Certified Naturally Grown.

The Kitchen Garden

The Kitchen Garden is located on Silver Lane, a quiet side street about a mile from the center of Sunderland and five miles from UMASS Amherst. The farm consists of 7 prime tillable acres of Sunderland’s rich river bottom soil. The farm only uses natural products and sustainable techniques to grow our high-quality vegetables.

Twin Oaks Farm

Located in Feeding Hills MA, John Spineti and Linda Lazarus are deeply dedicated to organic/sustainable farming, using only organic seeds and fertilizer, and only biological pest controls. John and Linda are best known for their remarkable fig trees and gourmet potatoes and can be found at just about every local Farmers Market in the Pioneer Valley.

Simple Gifts Farm

Beautiful Organic produce and eggs, pasture raised pork and grass-fed beef raised on Community-owned land. Simple Gifts Farm considers themselves the stewards of the North Amherst Community Farm. Their mission is to grow beautiful and delicious organically-grown produce and raise grass-fed meat for people living in, working in, and visiting Amherst, Massachusetts. The farm is managed as an ecological unit, integrating vegetable crops and livestock. The vision is to use the community-owned land as an ecologically and economically sustainable unit and to maintain it as a beautiful community asset

Woodstar Bakery

Woodstar Café is a family-owned bakery, sandwich shop and full-service espresso bar located in downtown Northampton, MA. Woodstar bakes all their bread from scratch using traditional techniques and pure ingredients. No preservatives. No trans-fats. Whenever possible, Woodtsar will go local and organic, incorporating an ever-increasing quantity of free-range eggs, fruits, berries, and vegetables from their own nearby farm.

Esselon Café

Independently owned and operated and located just down the street in Hadley, Esselon was founded in June 2006 and has grown from an award-winning cafe to a retail and wholesale provider of fresh-roasted artisan coffees, fine teas, and coffee equipment, coffee, and accessories. Esselon coffees are hand-roasted twice a week, on-site, to ensure freshness and quality of our coffees. Esselon is committed to economic and environmental sustainability through their support and collaboration with CISA and local farmers as well as their commitment to purchasing CO-OP green coffee beans.

In addition to the above, 30boltwood would also like to pay tribute to the numerous other suppliers and farmers throughout the New England Region who share in our commitment to environmental sustainability.