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Preview: The Right Thing

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Preview: The Right Thing


Chef Dino has done it again! Featured in this month’s issue of Preview Magazine, we are so proud to call Dino a part of the 30Boltwood and Lord Jeffery Inn family.

Check out the rest of this amazing article here.


Just a snippet… (We couldn’t help ourselves!)

Giordano’s years in the city gave him a clear sense of contemporary tastes, which tend toward what’s in season. “Gramercy Tavern taught me the importance of being connected to the farmers and the markets,” he notes. In fact, farmers’ markets proved to be one of the primary reasons he fell in love with the Pioneer Valley—an area saturated with farmers who offer “fresh local flavors,” whether they grow produce or raise meat.

“The products are some of the best I have ever seen,” says Giordano. “I really feel like these folks put their hearts into their products, and it makes our job easier. We put as much love and care into preparing [food] as they do into growing it. It’s a nice fit for us.”

As executive chef, Giordano aims for clean flavors that leave the high-quality ingredients he uses in as natural a state as possible. “We try [not] to manipulate those products too much. They are just so good, we try to let them do their thing.”